A Transformational Ecosystem connecting student's intrinsic abilities and passion to succeed in 21st Century careers.

A Transformational Ecosystem - Avatar Education:

"Knowledge to navigate the education terrain essential for student success" - From Kindergarten to Career, Avatar Ed provides structure for the family & student to stay on track with career plan and succeed in their first job with competent skills. Avatar mission is to graduate students with career specific education credentials.

Connecting student's intrinsic abilities - Avatar Health:

"Self-confidence is essential to tap into intrinsic skills" - From Middle School to High School, students strengthen their confidence by learning to actively manage and improve their individual and family health with Avatar Health initiative.

Succeed in 21st Century careers - Avatar Career:

  • Intrinsic value creation is essential to succeed in a job or career"- To succeed in a rapidly "Uberizing*" 21st Century jobs and careers, individuals have to identify, build and deliver value from day one of their first job. Avatar Career assists in providing clarity of thought to apply individual passion & domain strength to job & career requirements.

  • Uberizing: Traditional job & career pathways are being replaced with contract based skill-in demand model, where value creation abilities take precedence over traditional experience.

Championing small business initiatives - Avatar Entrepreneur:

  • I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

  • Those who are passionately curious to make a mark of their own are the focal point of Avatar Entrepreneur. Gaining knowledge on navigating the education system, building on the confidence to leverage intrinsic skills, delivering real value in a career environment prepares the entrepreneurs who are "passionately curious" to throw themselves into a world of true self -discovery.


Avatar Ed is the connector that facilitates a family to connect to the K12 system.

Avatar Health connects the family to their local/regional healthcare provider.

Avatar Career connects the family to college success and career readiness.

Avatar Entrepreneur provides the pathway for self employment and/or small business activities.

Avatar Platform is designed to strengthen a family with the characteristics of Athena, the Olympian goddess of wisdom, warfare, civilization, strength, strategy, crafts, and justice.